Section 3 review
The study of physics develops a wide range of skills and enables us to live longer, richer lives. Physics students use both qualitative and quantitative statements to describe the natural world. The engineering design cycle uses physics (and other sciences) to develop technologies that meet specific human needs. Physics reveals the true nature of many commonplace phenomena, such as light and color. Physics provides a foundation for numerous careers, and scientific training can be used to evaluate promotional claims. Physics-based technologies range from the digital camera to photovoltaic panels that can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Read the text aloud
quantitative, qualitative, engineering, technology, additive primary colors (RGB), subtractive primary colors (CMYK), photovoltaic cell

Review problems and questions

  1. Research the connection between physics and a career of your choosing. Interview a person who works in that career. Based on your research, describe at least three ways in which knowledge of the science of physics is needed for a person in that career to do his or her job. Present your findings in a five-paragraph essay by following these steps:
    • Be sure to take careful notes while fact-finding.
    • Organize and outline your notes before you begin writing.
    • Assign a topic to each paragraph.
    • Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation after writing a first draft.
    • Finally, read your draft aloud (to a friend or family member or to the person you interviewed). Consider revising any sentences that are hard to read aloud or that confuse your audience. Read the text aloud Show
  1. Describe each of the following scientific observations as qualitative or quantitative.
    1. “The car was going pretty fast.”
    2. “The water temperature was 80° when the crystals dissolved.”
    3. “My backpack must weigh at least 20 pounds.”
    4. “It took the butterfly a really long time to cross the field.” Read the text aloud Show
  1. Your eyes contain three different color sensors.
    1. List the three colors that correlate with these sensors.
    2. Which of these colors of light corresponds to the highest energy, and which corresponds to the lowest energy?
    3. Do your eyes perceive the range of colors through an additive color process or a subtractive process? Read the text aloud Show
  1. This section of Essential Physics states that the engineering design process is different from the process of solving typical textbook problems. What is the evidence given to support this statement? Explain your conclusion in a complete sentence. Read the text aloud Show

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