Rolling downhill

How fast is a rolling ball moving when it reaches the bottom of a hill? Just as in the case of a block sliding down a frictionless hill, the energy of a rolling ball is conserved. We can use energy conservation to determine what kind of rolling objects will reach the bottom first! Read the text aloud
A ball and block at the same height start with the same gravitational potential energy: Ep = mgh. At the bottom of the hill their final energies will also be equal. Whereas the sliding block has only kinetic energy, the rolling ball has both linear kinetic energy mv2) and rotational kinetic energy Iω2). The rolling ball has a lower velocity because it has less linear kinetic energy than the sliding block. The difference is the rolling ball’s rotational kinetic energy. Read the text aloud
In the picture above, four different objects with the same mass and diameter roll down identical ramps. Which one reaches the bottom first? To answer the question, consider your results from the investigation in which you rolled differently shaped objects down a hill. What did you find? Read the text aloud
If you start with the conservation of energy equation, substitute for the angular velocity using ω = v/r, and rearrange the terms, you get
mgh= 1 2 m v 2 + 1 2 I ω 2 = 1 2 m v 2 + 1 2 I ( v r ) 2 = 1 2 v 2 ( m+ I r 2 )
Simplifying the expression further gives
mgh= 1 2 v 2 ( m+ mI m r 2 )= 1 2 m v 2 ( 1+ I m r 2 )
From this equation you can solve for the velocity of the ball or cylinder when it reaches the bottom of the inclined plane:
v= 2gh 1+( I/ m r 2 )
As the moment of inertia I increases, the velocity of a rolling object will decrease. This makes sense because a higher moment of inertia means more energy is in rotational kinetic energy—leaving less for linear kinetic energy. The solid sphere reaches the bottom first because it has the smallest moment of inertia and therefore the highest translational kinetic energy! Read the text aloud Show Does velocity depend on mass for these rolling objects?
Two 250 g, solid metal spheres are rolling down the same ramp. One sphere has a radius of 2 cm, while the other has a radius of 3 cm. Which one reaches the bottom first? Show

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