Section 2 review
Velocity is the rate of change in position over time. In the case of one-dimensional motion, velocity can be positive or negative depending on the direction of motion. Speed is the absolute value of velocity. The graphs of position vs. time and velocity versus time are useful tools for analyzing motion. The slope of the x versus t graph is the velocity. Read the text aloud
speed, velocity, slope, average velocity, instantaneous velocity, reference frame, inertial reference frame

v= d t
v = Δx Δt or v = d Δt
v avg = Δx Δt = x f x i t f t i
x f = x i +vt

Review problems and questions

  1. Describe in one sentence how the word speed relates to something you know. Your answer must use the word in its correct meaning for physics.
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  1. Use the word position in a sentence describing an experience you had. You must use the word so that its meaning is similar to what position means in physics.
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  1. The term vector is best described by which of the following?
    1. an arrow that represents an object’s speed
    2. a quantity that has a magnitude and a direction
    3. the change in position from one point to another
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Graph of position vs. time
  1. The plot on the right shows the graph of position versus time of a vehicle. Answer the following questions:
    1. What is the total distance traveled by the vehicle?
    2. How far does the vehicle travel in the first 30 min?
    3. What is the average speed of the vehicle?
    4. What is the maximum speed of the vehicle?
    5. How long does it take for the vehicle to travel 20 km?
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  1. You start driving from Austin toward Houston with a constant speed of 120 km/hr (75 mph). After 1.5 hr you stop for 0.5 hr. Then you continue driving with a new constant speed v2 and reach Houston 45 min later.
    1. If the total distance from Austin to Houston is 265 km, what is the speed v2?
    2. What was your average speed during the trip?
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