Section 3 review
Solving physics problems usually involves translating the language of the problem into mathematical statements: identify what is asked for in the question; determine what quantities and other information are given to you; identify key relationships among the quantities; and solve the problem. In the process, it is important to assign variables to quantities, make clear and correct assumptions, and use consistent units. Read the text aloud

Review problems and questions

  1. A student is biking to school. She travels 0.7 km north, then realizes something has fallen out of her bag. She travels 0.3 km south to retrieve her item. She then travels 0.4 mi north to arrive at school. The journey takes her 15 min.
    1. What is her total displacement?
    2. What is her average velocity?
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  1. Two students travel from school to their jobs at the bowling alley, which is 2.5 km away. One student rides a scooter at 9.0 m/s, and the other student rides a bike at 12 mi/hr.
    1. Who arrives at the bowling alley first?
    2. How long does the trip take for each of them?
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  1. Two cars are initially separated by 1.0 km and traveling toward each other, one at 30 mi/hr and the other at 30 km/hr. How far in kilometers from their respective starting points do the two cars meet?
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Describe the motion of this graph in words
  1. A student was maneuvering the Smart Cart and generated the position versus time chart illustrated at right. Describe in words the motion of the cart for each segment of the chart.
  1. An airplane flew at a speed of 500 km/hr for 1.5 hr. It then hit a tail wind that boosted its speed to 650 km/hr for the next 750 km.
    1. How far did it travel during the first stage of its trip?
    2. How long did it take to complete the second stage (only) of its trip?
    3. How far did it travel during the entire trip?
    4. How long did it take for the entire trip?
    5. What was its average speed for the trip?
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