Video and animations

Chapter 1 - Science of Physics
Physics of solar power

Chapter 2 - Physical Quantities and Measurement
Hand out a car window pushed by matter (the air)

Chapter 3 - Position and Velocity
Laser cutting tool uses (x, y) coordinates on its work stage
Origin of a one-dimensional system
Position and velocity versus time graphs for a round trip between Houston and College Station, TX

Chapter 4 - Acceleration
ErgoBot rolling down a ramp
ErgoBot traveling up and down a ramp
Velocity vs. time and position vs. time graphs for a baseball thrown upward

Chapter 5 - Forces and Newton’s Laws

Chapter 6 - Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
Coordinate measuring machine
Coordinates for the laser position in a cutting machine
Kicking a soccer ball as an example of projectile motion

Chapter 7 - Circular Motion
A 360° view around one of the MER mission Mars rovers
Launch of an MER mission rocket with indicators of its speed and acceleration

Chapter 8 - Static Equilibrium and Torque

Chapter 9 - Work and Energy
Different forms of potential energy
Elastic potential energy
Elastic potential energy in your bicep and tricep muscles
Energy and work
Gravitational potential energy
Kinetic energy

Chapter 10 - Conservation of Energy
Animated model of an internal combustion or piston engine in operation
Conservation of energy
Schematic design of a hydroelectric power plant

Chapter 11 - Momentum and Collisions
Collision in two dimensions
Collision involving a stationary target ball
Comparison between elastic, inelastic, and perfectly inelastic collisions
Is this collision elastic?
Perfectly inelastic collision between two balls
The behavior of Newton's Cradle

Chapter 12 - Machines
Biceps and triceps in the human arm
How the forearm acts as a first- and third-class lever
How the leg acts as a compound machine with three levers
Physics of wind power

Chapter 13 - Angular Momentum

Chapter 14 - Harmonic Motion
Amplitude of an oscillating mass on a spring
Collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Oscillator examples
Three pendulums, each with a different frequency of oscillation
Vertical mass and spring oscillator

Chapter 15 - Waves
A wave pulse
Animation of a ripple spreading out in water
Longitudinal waves
Magnetic resonance imaging of a human skull
Standing waves on a long spring
Transverse waves
Two wave pulses on a string interfering destructively in the middle
Wavefronts in plane waves and circular waves
Waves in time and space

Chapter 16 - Sound
Frequency example for sound from 20 to 20,000 Hz
Sound of a cymbal crash

Chapter 17 - Electricity and Circuits
Analogy between the concept of water flowing and electric current
Comparing electric current with water flowing through a pipe
Comparing resistance to upside-down water bottles
Every charge entering a junction equals charge exiting the junction
Potential difference is analogous to the potential energy difference for water
Three water wheels are similar to three resistors in series

Chapter 18 - Electric and Magnetic Fields
How a laser printer works
Model of how the Earth's magnetic field has changed over the past four centuries
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captures ultraviolet light from our active Sun

Chapter 19 - Electromagnetism
Electromagnet in a crane in a junkyard
How a loudspeaker works
How the electric generator works
Inside the operation of an electric motor
Physics behind the electric motor

Chapter 20 - Light and Reflection
Phases of the Moon
Reflection off a scanning mirror in a laser printer

Chapter 21 - Refraction and Lenses

Chapter 22 - Electromagnetic Radiation
AM radio waves reflect off of the ionosphere
An oscillating electric charge creates an electromagnetic wave

Chapter 23 - Properties of Matter
Brownian motion
Motion of particles in the gas phase
Motion of particles in the liquid phase
Motion of particles in the solid phase
Ordered and random kinetic energy for a handful of ping-pong balls
Solar flare is a plasma in motion
Thermal energy of a solid

Chapter 24 - Heat Transfer
Shrinking summertime Arctic ice cap

Chapter 25 - Thermodynamics
Newcomen steam engine

Chapter 26 - Quantum Physics and the Atom
Comparing spontaneous emission, stimulated absorption, and stimulated emission
Electron orbital resonances in the Bohr hydrogen atom
Quantum spacetime fluctuations differ from a classical picture of flat spacetime
Stereolithography and ultraviolet lasers

Chapter 27 - Nuclear Physics
Non-ionizing and ionizing radiation (atom not to scale)
Protons need a lot of energy to bind together into a nucleus
The rotating Sun